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About us

Our team consists of dynamic and experienced individuals who carried numerous cryptocurrency investigations and returned huge assets back to original owner. The most prominent features about us are "We are a strong, experienced and enthusiastic team" that has been in various roles in the fight against cybercrime and in international organizations for many years, closely following today's technologies and developments in the field. We keep our excitement up to date by trying to make a new progress every day with what we have learned. Now we provide unique services to our customers with the same enthusiasm.


Cryptocrime Investigations

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to trace and investigate cryptocurrencies. With this service, you can request the detection of the wallet and identification of suspects where the stolen crypto money went, and you can get the intelligence of the wallet you will transfer to.

Open Source Intelligence

It is possible to reach a lot of information by using publicly available data on the Internet. It is possible to collect evidence and identify the perpetrators in this way, which is used in many forensic issues through social media.

Fraud Investigations

It includes providing support in investigations that require advanced technical capabilities such as phishing, infiltration, man in the middle, encryption and ransomware.

Internal Investigations

It includes the support provided in the processes carried out by the company in violations such as leaking various confidential information of companies or embezzlement.


Support is provided in the process of establishing the necessary structuring which is a legal obligation for various financial institutions in order to prevent money laundering, financing terrorism and to provide know your customer processes.

Data Analysis

It includes supporting the processes of examining and analyzing big data such as financial data and internet traffic data within the scope of various crimes.

Expertise Report

Expert opinion is provided for internal investigations, criminal investigations, prosecutions or legal cases in terms of technical activities such as account movements, crypto currency transactions, e-mail inspections, IP-Port inspections, digital forensic investigations within the scope of various cybercrime, financial crime and cryptocrime.

Asset Recovery

It covers the activities carried out to recapture the stolen, concealed or laundered assets within the scope of the investigations carried out.


It covers the training given to domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies and private institutions on cryptocrime and internal investigations.

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