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Asset Recovery

One of the most important phases of hiding illegally earned gains is money laundering. For this reason, those who obtained illegal money, firstly try to justify the money they earn. After laundering money, it becomes very difficult to establish a connection between the laundered assets and the crime. Therefore, it is one of the most difficult processes to detect connection between victim and laundered securities and  estates. However, the most important expectation for the victim is asset recovery.

In recent years, one of these laundering tools has been crypto assets. The features such as the anonymity it provides, the possibility of fast transfer, the lack of strict control methods such as banks, and the ease of transferring between countries have made crypto money a convenient tool for money laundering. In the event that the assets earned from the crime committed are converted into cryptocurrency and concealed by multiple transfers for money laundering, these transactions will also be included in the examination within the scope of the investigation.

Our team will support investigations asset recoveries in accordance with applicable laws.