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High Tech Crimes

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Consulting in Cybercrime Investigations

HTCrimes is a consultancy firm established to provide expertise in the field of cybercrime such as cryptocrime investigations, open source investigations, data analysis, fraud and financial crime investigations. Accordingly, it is one of several companies in the world providing services in the field of cryptocrime investigations.

Huge Financial Loss

A large number of people become victims of cybercrime every year, and the losses are growing year by year. In 2021, the personal data of one out of every two Americans was compromised. In 2025, it is predicted that the damage to be caused by cybercrime worldwide will be 10.5 trillion dollars.

Imminent Threat

As a result of the crimes committed, your valuable assets such as your cryptocurrency, bank accounts, credit card information, valuable data, private data, financial data may be compromised, and you may have to make large payments to recover them. In addition, your data may be irreplaceble or that requires long efforts to replace it.
Take your precautions before it's too late.
The thief does not always have to enter through the window.

You are not the only person

A large number of users of all ages all over the world are victimized by various cybercrime methods every day. In addition to causing various financial losses, these lead to many psychological effects and various consequences that can lead to loss of reputation. You may have lost the earnings of years. Your private information may have been in the hands of other people, and this may have been the first time that happened to you. We are experienced. We have intervened many times in similar issues, identified the perpetrators and the money and took them to justice.
Finalize your damage with minimal losses by applying to an institution that provides expertise in cybercrime.